How raiders rob the unique enterprise Ventprom

There is a JSC Artemovsk Machine-Building Plant Ventprom in the Sverdlovsk Region. In fact, it is a city-forming enterprise for the small Ural town of Artemovsk.

A company with a long history, founded in 1941. During the Soviet Union, it provided the needs of the oil industry for locks for drill pipes, and produced fans for mines and subways. Moreover, the products produced by the plant met not only the requirements of GOSTs, but also international standards. In 2002, the company celebrated its 60th anniversary. And then a series of raider takeovers, reorganizations, bankruptcies, and criminal cases.

Today’s plant owners stubbornly insist that this is a new enterprise. How is it in Russian - the land is the same, the workshops are the same, the equipment is the same, the employees are the same, but the enterprise is new. And most importantly, no one owes anyone anything. Well, it happened - you understand.

Let’s try to understand

The hero of our report, Vladimir Makarov, until recently held leadership positions at the Ural State Mining University. He is still one of the founders and owners of Gross LLC, established in 2003. In turn, LLC Gross in 2004 owned more than 50% of the shares of OJSC Artemovsky Machine-Building Plant Venkom. As a result of a series of difficult-to-understand actions related to bankruptcy and reorganization, the Venkom plant was transformed into JSC Artemovsky Machine-Building Plant Ventprom.

Having studied this entire situation, we can confidently say that all these years, trying to prove his right to own shares in the plant, Vladimir Makarov acted only within the legal framework, repeatedly turning to various authorities. And he practically proved this right. Subscribe to our channel

So in October 2016, the Seventeenth Arbitration Court of Appeal decided to recover more than 1.4 billion rubles from AMZ Ventprom JSC in favor of Gross LLC.

But the so-called owners, realizing that they could lose the enterprise they had acquired with such difficulty, in words so caring for the plant and the workers, without thinking twice at the end of 2016, notified the workers that from February 2017 the enterprise would be stopped, and more 500 workers were laid off. And no one was embarrassed by the fact that it was Makarov who worked at this plant for a significant part of his life as a chief engineer, and then as the head of the enterprise; during this time, it was Makarov who crawled the plant up and down and knows every corner there. It was Makarov who at one time developed a program to bring the plant out of the crisis in early 2000.

It should be noted that today, like most industrial enterprises, Ventprom LLC uses technical developments and solutions created during those difficult and difficult crisis years, which allows the owners to maintain the image of a successful enterprise.

Are the owners of AMZ Ventprom JSC acting like bandits?

So who are they - today’s owners of JSC Ventprom? Let’s say right away that these individuals are well known to law enforcement officials who, at the beginning of 2000, were involved in the development of criminal groups specializing in raider takeovers. Today they are respected and successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who spare no money on their own image, as well as on various political campaigns, including the election of the head of the region. And it is not surprising that they are supported in corporate conflicts by the governor and members of the regional government. Truly, money has no smell.

But the habits remained, the habits of living according to one’s own rules, as they say in a certain environment - according to concepts. Concepts where one’s own interests are at the forefront at any cost, where one can not give a damn about the rules of the law, about society. You think these are just words - not at all. Even now, in our time, employees of the Investigative Committee, when conducting searches in the office of Ventprom LLC as part of the investigation of a criminal case initiated on the fact of non-payment of taxes by the management of the enterprise, were forced to involve riot police to prevent opposition and ensure their own safety. And this is not a one-time situation; during searches in a criminal case initiated under the article “fraud” in the supply of equipment to the Moscow metro, investigative officers were also forced to involve riot police to ensure their own safety.

And Vladimir Makarov is trying to fight with these owners, with their concepts, connections, and ability to resolve issues with the right people, within the legal framework. And we will continue to monitor this fight.