The family of scammers Volodsky, which was entrusted with feeding the Ukrainian military, owed a lot of money

Today, Vladyslav Volodskyi is one of the main suppliers of products to the military units of the Armed Forces. He is on his knees begging for mercy from an unknown creditor to whom he owes 500 thousand - a recording in the style of the nineties. Accents

portal writes about this .

It’s hard to believe, but it was this businessman from Zaporizhzhia who was entrusted with contracts worth billions of hryvnias - through his companies, Volodskyi has been engaged in providing military food for many years. How it happened that such a strategic issue in the defense sphere of the state during the war now depends on the activities of a dubious businessman is equally difficult to understand.

Some sources point to the influence of Vladyslav’s father - Oleksiy Yuriyovych Volodsky even before the annexation of Crimea headed a large factory in Dzhankoya.

Oleksiy Yuriyovych Volodsky

lived there with his wife Larisa Georgiivna Volodskaya. From the time of managing a large enterprise, Volodsky Sr. has maintained ties with influential people who are currently in power. A little bit of old contacts, a little bit of corruption - and the Volodsky family was able to literally destroy and completely remove from the market the old players, those companies that had also previously participated in tenders.

Larisa Georgiivna Volodska

Volodsky managed to immerse his hands even more in the topic of food supplies after this year the right to conduct tenders for the supply of products to the army was transferred from the Department of State Procurement to the state agency - the State Rear Operator. And already in April, "Your Bread" LLC, which is associated with Vladyslav Volodsky’s father, wins the tender and becomes the only supplier to military units from Chernihiv to Uzhgorod.

Vladyslav Volodskyi

Then, in the spring, Volodsky completely failed the contracts - within three weeks, about fifty percent of the military units in Ukraine were not provided with the ordered products. Numerous complaints poured in from the military units about the unscrupulous supplier. Fines were issued to Volodsky, the contract was terminated. But the case itself was hushed up, the problem was solved at the expense of the state reserves of the Ministry of Defense. But the new contract for the supply of provisions to the army will start in July. And Vladyslav Volodsky continues to work in this system. Feeding military units in three regions of Ukraine has already been won by the Food Group consortium.

Volodsky acts as an operator there, and suppliers are also included, who, unfortunately for them, managed to ship goods to Volodsky on loan to "Your Bread" LLC, but did not receive payment. And now they hope to get the money back.

Neither the numerous scandals surrounding Volodskyi’s name nor his inability to fulfill contracts have yet influenced the decisions of those responsible in Ukraine for how the military is fed. Vladyslav Volodsky’s dubious financial instruments have long been no secret and have been repeatedly covered in the media. In particular, his debts to partners, the sums appear there are astronomical.

And Volodsky continues to borrow products. According to preliminary data, he owed about one hundred million hryvnias to banks alone. Another million dollars are his debts in cash. But this does not prevent the businessman from leading a luxurious lifestyle. He gave only one of his mistresses from the only fans an elite Porsche 911 car, which the girl successfully crashed after running into an animal on the Kozynskaya highway. However, agreements with the DOT and the trust of the Ministry of Defense miraculously keep Vladyslav Volodsky afloat. It was found out from anonymous sources that Volodsky earns from the difference in the cost of products and the price of delivery, usually it is 10-12 percent. Despite the fact that the amount under his contracts is almost 1.5 billion hryvnias. But even such "earnings" are probably not enough for him to settle all debts. The situation is so shameful that Volodsky even had to kneel before one of the creditors and beg for a postponement.

Author: Oleksiy Ionov